NORLEEN NOSRI was born and raised in Malaysia. She received a BFA (2010) in Ceramics, Minor in Art History and MFA (2013) in Ceramics at the University of Missouri-Columbia under the tutelage of Bede Clarke. 

“The service sets I create are a metaphor for social cohesion. They are presented in a series of arranged compositions comprising porcelain teapots, ewers, decanters, and cups presented on architectural earthenware bases. The arrangements convey my conceptual framework of community and the ever-present dialogue between the individual and the collective.” Nosri



Traver Gallery

Seattle, WA   

Vetri Glass 

Seattle, WA  

Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design

St. Louis, MO  

Sager Braudis Gallery

​Columbia, MO




The acts of serving and accepting reflect a shared exchange of human contact. The iconic phrase ‘tea time’, whether in a family setting or that of the larger community, allows for a certain leveling of the social hierarchy and thus, for fellowship. With this grouping of ceramics objects, the shared moment becomes elevated and the mundane becomes ceremonial.